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SEO Experts, Website Design & Development Consultancy for West Dorset.

Welcome to Search Engine Optimisation.




Our SEO services include:

Keyword Research to ensure that your web pages rank for the most relevant search phrases.


Keywords, also described as key-phrases, are the terms that people type into the search engine search box to find what they are looking for.

Before optimisation, and promotion of the website, one must first identify which keywords are going to be targeted. This can only be accomplished by in-depth keyword research; this is by far the most labour-intensive aspect of the SEO service.


On Page Optimization


With the initial keyword list already prepared, the next step in the process is to optimize the web pages for these keywords. It enables your web pages to be properly indexed and ranked by the search engines, providing you with highly targeted free traffic from The Google Search Engine.


Link Building (also known as off page optimization).


Once the website is properly set up and optimized, one must give it an extra push to get it really ranking well.

An expertly optimized website can rank reasonably well on the strength of it’s “on page SEO” alone, but it is unlikely that it will reach the top of the search engine results pages without an aggressive link building campaign.



We CAN Get Your Web Site Listed in 28 Days or Less.


SEO Search Engine Optimization, with Search Engine listing within 28 days

Your site will be optimized for the Major Search Engines, giving it the greatest chance possible of high rankings, and more Hits.


Key Points

  • Use text links with well chosen wording to improve the search engine ranking of your website.

  • The more relevant content (text) your website contains the more traffic it is likely to generate from most search engines.


One page Web Design

Web Hosting and maintenance